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An Airboat Tour Your Kid Will Remember

When you have a kid, the search for new and fun activities never seems to end. It sometimes feels like you’ve done everything there is to do with them. In South Florida, there are new events popping up all the time and it can be hard to know if they will ever enjoy them. An airboat tour is something not only you’re kid will enjoy, but everyone in the whole family can enjoy. Whether your child is bursting with excitement or is naturally quiet, they […]

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Why Airboat Tours Are A Must In South Florida

Whether you’ve recently moved to South Florida, are planning a vacation down there to get away from the cold, or recently moved and just  want to get out and see what Florida has to offer, you’ve probably heard people rave about taking an airboat tour through the Everglades. You’ve heard rumors of giant beasts living there and roller coaster-like thrills, but you need to know for yourself. This year, it’s time you experience the “River of Grass” up close and personal on your very own […]

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Speed or Spotting, What’s The Tour For You?

The Everglades are expansive, stunning, and free of the noise and traffic we face in our day to day lives. Experiencing the Everglades for yourself is a truly one of a kind experience, one that opens you up a whole new side of Florida. While traditional vehicles can’t get you throughout the Everglades, you’ll be able to really see it up close and personal while on an airboat tour. Airboat tours are the ideal way of traversing the Everglades and getting the most out of […]

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Tis’ The Season For Airboat Tours

While it may seem like Florida has the same season of hot and humid weather all year round, the true airboat tour season is almost here. The “dry season” is the perfect time to come visit the Florida Everglades. The dry season runs from December through April every year and it comes with some great advantages over the rest of the year. Swamp Monster Airboat Tours is always here to show you a great time but we want to show you why the dry season […]

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