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All About Palm Beach Airboat Tours With Swamp Monster

In the heart of South Florida lives the Everglades – a living, breathing, ecosystem that’s home to a variety of plants and animals. From its calm waters to the flowing breeze that grazes the sawgrass, its natural beauty is unmatched. It’s impossible to traverse the Everglades with a car, leaving it free of any pollution, littering, and man-made destruction. Instead, the only way to truly discover the “River Of Grass” is by airboat tour. 

While you could take a general tour of the Everglades, they’re typically packed with a large number of people, are too short, and you don’t really get to take anything away from it. To actually experience the Everglades, you have to take a private airboat tour. With Swamp Monster airboat tours, we turn that dream into a reality.

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