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Proper Everglades Safety

If it’s your first time in the Florida Everglades, it’s important to understand Everglade’s safety and how to keep yourself out of danger. There have been many times where people have thought it would be a good idea to swim in the waters of the everglades without knowing the potential dangers that lurk in the water. 


Swimming In The Everglades 


While Florida is the perfect place to jump into the water and cool off, the everglades are not the place this should be done. People who aren’t locals may think that all bodies of water are similar to the white sandy beaches. Understanding Everglade’s safety is extremely important. 

The rivers, lakes, and canals that flow from North Florida all the way to the Florida keys are full of different life and vegetation that doesn’t always have your best interest in mind. It’s not a radical idea to think that the 1.5 million-acre area the Everglades encompasses has some areas to swim in and enjoy, especially if you’re not a local to Florida. A majority of the accessible water in the Everglades is often dark and murky water. You often can’t see more than a foot into the water leaving plenty of space for predators lurking below. On top of this, there are lots of sawgrasses and other types of flora below the water surface for large alligators to hide in. 

Alligators are aggressive creatures that dominate almost the entire Everglades area. They prey on all types of different creatures in the everglades and can detect even the smallest of movements in the water. If you’re still wondering if it’s ever safe to swim in the Everglades, the answer should always be NO. If alligators aren’t scary enough to keep you out of the water, crocodiles are also often found in the Everglades coexisting with alligators. Different types of venomous snakes are also exploring the Everglades waters. You should avoid all of these creatures at any cost as they can cause serious injury or death. 


Explore The Everglades Safely.


While swimming isn’t the best way to explore what the Everglades has to offer, there are plenty of ways to do this safely. Boating, kayaking, canoeing, and paddleboarding are all ways of exploring but the safest and often most enjoyable is an airboat tour with an experienced captain on board. Airboats are the perfect vehicle to traverse the rough environment of the Everglades. The ability to effortlessly glide over deep and shallow waters allows you to see every part. The speed and safe height also make sure no unexpected guests make their way on board. 

Swamp Monster Air Boat Tours is equipped with amazing and comfortable airboats that are comfortable for you and anyone else that wants to join the adventure. If you’re looking for an amazing Everglades experience in West Palm Beach or Fort Lauderdale, visit our contact page to schedule your tour today. 

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