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Florida Everglade Airboat Tours

Fun Facts About Florida Everglade Airboat Tours

Fun Facts About Florida Everglade Airboat Tours

When you travel across the Florida Everglades, there is only one vehicle that has the capabilities to do it and that’s the airboat. It’s obvious that these vehicles are the only way to truly experience everything the Everglades has to offer. Just because you can explore the Everglades in these boats doesn’t mean you should get one and start exploring. The Everglades is still a place that you need ample knowledge about to navigate and not get lost. Florida Everglade Airboat Tours are given by captains that know the ins and outs of the Florida Everglades. Unlike the intercoastal, the Everglades don’t have signs and other information on where to go and how to return to the shore.

That’s what makes guided Airboat Tours the safest and most fun way to experience the Everglades. Our experienced airboat captains can give you the tour that you have been waiting for, letting you see everything you want to see. Our captains will also provide you with a vast amount of information about the different things you see.

Read about some interesting facts about the Florida Everglades.

Airboats Have Flat Bottoms

An airboat is a flat-bottomed boat. Why? Well, flat-bottomed boats can navigate through shallow areas easier, which makes up a majority of the Florida Everglades. Traditional boats will not be able to cut through the mud and grass the way an airboat can glide over it all. Airboats are the best way to travel marshes and swamps.

Airboats Use Plane Propellers

In most cases, airboats will use a propeller that can be found on a small airplane as an engine. It sounds crazy, but if it can propel an airplane into the air then it can push an airboat along the water. Airboats are generally made from aluminum or fiberglass due to the lightweight nature of these materials. The combination of light materials and a strong engine makes traveling in swamps easier than ever. 

Airboats Have Different Names

Depending on where you are in the world, an airboat has a different name. The most popular alternative name for an airboat is a “fan boat” which is often used in Canada. The name makes sense considering they are propelled forward by a giant fan. These engines also produce a lot of wind and air just like a fan does.

Airboats are Eco-Friendly

Compared to normal boats, airboats are actually much more eco-friendly. The flat bottom design allows the boat to “glide” across the water. Traditional boats dip into the water and can damage things below the surface, whether it be wildlife or plant life. Airboats are the perfect vehicle for the Everglades since they don’t damage any of the surrounding environment. 

Experience The Everglades Up Close!

Don’t look at the Everglades from the shore, get up close and personal with private airboat tours from Swamp Monster Airboat Tours. Our captains have the experience and knowledge to guide you through the Everglades with ease while providing a meaningful experience where you will learn a lot and see nature better than ever. Visit our contact page if you have any questions about our tours.

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